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Eulogies and Funeral Services

Eulogy Delivery

The delivery of a eulogy at a service or ceremony is normally costed into the full cost of your funeral via your chosen funeral director.

Normally, the funeral director will ask if you have a specific celebrant in mind?
As a celebrant, I can adapt to any circumstances required, such as religious services, non-religious, gothic or pagan..........I can do anything you ask (within reason)

Via your nominated funeral director free (paid by FD)
Personal/Direct - £140 

Eulogy Writing

At times of great sadness after the loss of a loved one, sometimes the words that are said at the funeral or ceremony (the eulogy) are the words that comfort one and all.

Eulogy writing is a service that I can offer for you to deliver your own eulogy at the service or ceremony.

Cost for eulogy only writing

Living Eulogy

As the name suggests, this eulogy,
is written by someone that may have come to terms with a life limiting illness.

This can sometimes be very hard for some family members to agree with, however to the individual wishing to take part in writing a living eulogy, this can sometimes be a relief as they may see it that they are taking one less thing out of the hands of the family once they have passed.
This can also be part of the "Coming to terms" process for the individual and gives them the power to "have their say" in what is said at their own funeral.

I personally find that the stories recounted first hand are easier for the family left behind as, at a time of grief, it is one stress less after the event.

Cost : £200
Includes :
  • Initial home visit with family
  • Further 2 visits of up to 60 mins*
  • Delivery of Eulogy at desired venue or at a memorial.
*Additional visits can be added if required at an extra cost.